John’s Questions on Modern Life – Another 20 Quest Johns

It’s time for another installment of…

John’s Questions on Modern Life

Some of these questions might get some people riled up. Please, try to keep in mind, these are just questions. I’m just putting them out there to hopefully get people thinking.

Do you produce more than you consume?

If you consume more than you produce, how does that make you feel?

If news wasn’t a commodity, would we finally believe what people say?

Is anybody else as happy as I am that Led Zeppelin is on Spotify?

How long could you go without your phone?

If all of the people you care about didn’t exist, how would you live your life differently?

Why do you feel the need to go slower than the speed limit when I’m behind you, but faster than the speed limit when I try to pass you?

If you have to use turn signals to pass your driving test, why do so many people put so much effort into breaking themselves of that wonderful habit?

Why do the three lanes of I-15 in Utah County always seem like they should be labeled Speed Limit 50, Speed Minimum 90, and Closed for Construction?

How many causes would you pretend to care about if you couldn’t post them on Facebook?

How many philosophies are you going to post before you realize the best ones are song lyrics?

How many life lessons are you going to quote before you learn one?

Why is it so hard to see the difference between the “Reply” button and the “Reply All” button?

If your uncle’s business can’t afford to operate while giving his employees proper pay and healthcare, then isn’t it possible that his business plan is flawed because it depends on exploiting his workers?

If your uncle’s business plan relies on exploiting his workers, doesn’t that mean it’s a good thing if he goes out of business?

If everyone gets healthcare, does that bring survival of the fittest to a grinding halt?

When will we develop a drink that will have the same rejuvenating effects as sleep so that I can stop wasting a third of my life?

Was anybody really that surprised by the comments from the Duck Dynasty guy?

You mad, bro’?

How much authority does it take to write a blog?

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About John Dilley

John is an endless source of new ideas. With a background in both sports and music, he offers a unique perspective. He has written for The Daily Utah Chronicle, Filler, and has contributed content to several commercial websites. "Be it the past 10 beers or the past 10 years, may you learn from all of life's mistakes. Cheers!" - John Dilley

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